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Name:Balthier | Ffamran mied Bunansa
Website:Final Fantasy XII Wiki Link


Balthier, as a sky pirate, knows the most about mechanics and how they work. He’s a pilot, and even if he has not used the control system of a ship before, he’s able to quickly pick it up, just by familiarizing himself with the equipment. He can fly any kind of airship, as well as fix one. He’s able to stay calm during a tense situation, and when something unexpected happens, as well as having quick reflexes and a love for life. Balthier is also an ex-Judge, which is one of the lawmakers of the land in the world of Ivalice. So, he has experience on both sides of the law, which makes it easier for him to stay out of prisons. He’s traveled all over, and easily absorbs different cultures and languages. He’s also good at finding people; he might not be a bounty hunter, but he would make a very good one if he was. His father, Doctor Cid, taught him all about science, and while Balthier is not a scientist, he does know the basics of elements, and things such as how nethicite works.

When Balthier joins the group, he comes equipped with a gun. Since he is a sky pirate, it’s safe to assume that he knows how to use all different kinds of weapons, but that guns are his preference. This makes him better at being a long range specialist, rather than a close range one. Balthier’s other weapon is his sharp wit and even sharper words. He’s good at finding the weak spots in a person and then digging in. When it comes to supernatural abilities, Balthier is able to learn Magicks and Quickenings. To do that, he needs to go through the License Board system, so it’s not something natural that comes to him. The best way for him to learn is through Junctioning, where he equips the spells that he learns from the Board. Since he is only a Hume (Human), he doesn’t know any spells by default, and so he won’t be coming into the game with any magic.

{Balthier is being played for RP purposes by [personal profile] rougaroux}

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