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Name: Balthier (Ffamran mied Bunansa)
Canon: Final Fantasy 12
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: After his father has died, at the top of the Pharos.
Number: 116

Link to Balthier Background
Link to Final Fantasy XII Background
Link to Ivalice Background

History: Balthier was born Ffamran mied Bunsansa in 684 Old Valendian, in the world of Ivalice. He was born the third son of Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, who is a scientist who worked for the Archadian Empire. Ffamran was granted everything he could want, and he flourished under the tutelage of his father and tutors, becoming an Archadian Judge at the young age of sixteen. His father had a hand in this; by having his son become a Judge, one of the lawmakers of the land, he was working to get more funding and interest for his research. But being under his father’s thumb was not something Ffamran wanted, not even close. In 700, before the storyline of the game, Ffamran noticed that his father, who had just returned for a trip to Giruvegan, was beginning to talk to someone who wasn’t there, and his sanity began to slip. This strained the relationship that Ffamran had with his father, which had already been under a lot of strain, ever since his mother had died. Eventually, Ffamran couldn’t stand the sight of his father, and with the changes Archadia was making to its system, Ffamran decided to leave his job as a Judge, and to run away, helping his friend Reddas escape as well. In his escape from Archadia and their rules, he stole a new prototype fighter ship and left; this fighter ship would eventually become the ship named “The Strahl”. Ffamran updated it heavily, so that it would no longer look like what the original design of the ship was, so that no one would be able to trace it back to him. To help his escape, Ffamran took the name Balthier as an alias, casting away everything that kept him tied to Archades. From then on, with a beautiful Viera companion named Fran, the two of them flew through the skies of Ivalice, searching for treasure and fame, and gaining several notoriety as a sky pirate.

Years passed, and it’s now 706 Old Valendian. Balthier and Fran make their way to the Royal Palace of Rabanastre’s treasury, where they find, to their surprise, that someone has already gotten a hold of their treasure. When Balthier finally meets the thief, Vaan, he demands that Vaan should hand over the treasure, which happens to be the Goddess’ Magicite, a piece of gem that has powerful mystical properties. When Vaan asks who Balthier is, he responds with a line that he uses as much as possible: “I play the leading man, who else?” Unsure of how to take that, Balthier uses their stunned looks to make a grab for the magicite, until the Ifrit attacks, and Balthier has no choice but to escape the same way Vaan did, keeping them together. Chasing Vaan out into the Palace Grounds, a fight is breaking out between Resistance and the Imperials, and Balthier is getting annoyed. Grabbing the young thief, Balthier throws Vaan over his hovercraft that’s being piloted by Fran, and they set to make their escape; unfortunately, the Goddess’s Magicite is really a piece of nethicite, and it causes the hovercraft to stop working, crashing with everyone on board into the Garamsythe Waterway.

It’s at this point that Balthier realizes he needs to join forces with Vaan so that they can escape the Waterway, and even though Vaan agrees, he keeps a hold on the magicite, and Balthier keeps an eye on him. There’s talk between the two, where Balthier expresses his suspicion in the new consul Vayne Solidor, and what he could have done deliberately in getting the palace attacked. By the time they’ve gotten to the exit, they’ve gained a new companion; a Resistance fighter named Amalia. Even though she obviously does not like Balthier because of what he does, she joins the group anyway, to get to the exit. Unfortunately, something that seems to be a theme in their lives, Vayne Solidor and a battalion of Imperial Soldiers are set to ambush the party. Even though Amalia insists that everyone is innocent, they are all sentenced to imprisonment. While they’re being marched out onto the streets of Rabanastre, Balthier sees Penelo crying, and being the gentleman he is, he gives her his handkerchief as she watches Vaan be taken. Little did Balthier know that someone, the bounty hunter Ba’Gamnan had been watching the exchange from the shadows, and remembering it for later.

Once they get down to the Nalbina Dungeons, Balthier sent Fran to find a possible escape route, while he tries to go find Vaan, once more. Finding the thief in battle with three Seeq dungeon masters, Balthier jumps on it to help, defeating them easily and then going to hide within the arena. While they’re hiding, Balthier hears that Ba’Gamnan has followed him to Nalbina, and so has Judge Gabranth. Using Gabranth’s visit as a means to escape, they follow him into an Oubliette, where they are surprised to see Basch fon Ronsenburg, weakened and in chains. Once Gabranth has left, Basch begs the group to set him free; Balthier doesn’t care one way or the other, but Vaan is upset with the king slayer, and he jumps up onto the top of Basch’s cage, attracting the guards. Fran is forced to drop the cage into the Barheim Passage so that the group can escape, and freeing Basch at the same time. Vaan is pissed off that the knight is free, but Balthier allows Basch to join the party, as long as he helps them fight. Once they get out of the caves and reach Rabanastre, the group breaks up, with Vaan and Basch going to see the Resistance, and Balthier and Fran going to the Sandsea tavern before they decide on their next move. While they’re having a drink on the second floor of the tavern, Balthier is told by the bangaa, Migelo, that Ba’Gamnan has kidnapped Penelo, because he thought she was someone close to Balthier. Balthier, at first, doesn’t care much, and isn’t willing to fly to Bhujerba to rescue her; it’s only once Basch asks him to fly there, and Vaan promises the Goddess’s Magicite to him if he takes them there, that Balthier flies them to Bhujerba.

Once the group is in Bhujerba, they meet with a young boy who calls himself Lamont. Balthier is automatically suspicious of him, but allows him to go with them to the Lhusu Mines, where he hears that they are mining magicite to be used in Draklor Laboratory. Of course, Balthier’s interest is perked, and when he tries to force Lamont to reveal that he’s actually Larsa Solidor, they’re interrupted by Ba’Gamnan, and they are forced to run. Once the group has lost the bounty hunters, everyone hears that Larsa has taken Penelo to Marquis Ondore’s estate to keep her safe. Balthier makes the suggestion that they gain the attention of the Resistance, to help them get into the estate; Vaan then runs around the city pretending to be Basch, who was supposed to be executed. The Resistance allows them to see the Marquis, and when Ondore thought that Basch might rescue Amalia, the group is arrested and brought aboard the airship Dreadnought Leviathan. Once the group is on the airship, they’re reunited with Amalia, who reveals herself to be the dead Princess Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca. Judge Ghis, the man who arrested them, takes the Goddess’s Magicite from Vaan; the group manages to defeat Ghis, and Balthier pilots an Atomos Imperial carrier ship back down to Bhujerba. Ashe is told that she should stay in Ondore’s estate to hide from the Archadian Empire; instead, she tries to steal the Strahl, and Balthier finds her before she can get away with it. Ashe then asks Balthier to “kidnap” her and take her to the Tomb of Raithwall, where she can prove herself to be of royal lineage. Balthier doesn’t care too much about that, and he doesn’t want to get caught up in Imperial business again, but with the promise of Raithwall’s treasure, Balthier and Fran fly the group to the Tomb.

Vossler, the man sworn to protect the princess, is very open about how he doesn’t like dealing with sky pirates, and while Ashe does defend them, there is already problems between Balthier and Vossler. After the group fights the Esper Belias, Ashe gets another piece of nethicite called the Dawn Shard. Balthier is disappointed when they find that the treasure isn’t anything that can be sold for money. Once the group exits the tomb, they find that Vossler has betrayed them, and they go back to where they began, on the Imperial ship with Judge Ghis. Ghis takes the Dawn Shard, and when he tries to use it, he unleashes the magick of it; this destroys the entire Archadian fleet, allowing for Balthier to pilot another carrier ship and escape. Before they leave, though, he sees the Dawn Shard glinting in the sky, and he grabs it, before going back to Rabanastre. Now that Ashe has seen what the nethicite can do, she decides to use it as a weapon to protect Dalmasca, even though she doesn’t know how to use it. She asks Balthier to take them to Jahara, so she can ask the garif’s help, but Balthier won’t go without some collateral, seeing as he didn’t gain anything last time. He requests one of the rings on Ashe’s finger, and after a long moment, she reluctantly gives him the ring. Since the Strahl has been damaged from the previous fleet’s destruction, the group has to walk all the way to Jahara. Once they’ve gotten through there, they travel through the Golmore Jungle, then to Mt. Bur-Omisace, and then to Stilshrine of Miriam, where Ashe gets the Sword of Kings. It is with this sword that she vows to destroy the Empire’s nethicite, and they head to Archadia with the intention of destroying all of Doctor Cid’s nethicite.

It’s when the group stops to rest at the Phon Coats’s Hunter’s Camp, that Balthier reveals more about himself. He questions Ashe’s intentions with the nethicite, comparing it to his father’s obsession. It’s then that he reveals that he used to be an Imperial Judge, and that Doctor Cid is his father. He also mentions that his father began to go crazy, speaking about an unknown creature named Venat. After telling the group this, he vows to cut the ties to his past, and he tells Ashe that she can’t allow the stone’s power to consume her, like it did for his father. Once the group finally reaches Archades, Balthier is tense, separating himself from the rest of the party. After meeting Balthier’s old friend, Jules, and dealing with his embezzling of the chops Balthier gave him to give to Vaan and the others, the group heads to the Draklor Laboratory, trying to find Doctor Cid. The laboratory is suspiciously empty of any Imperial presence, and once they find Cid’s office ransacked, Balthier finds some papers, questioning what made his father go mad six years ago. Going up to the 70th floor, they find Reddas, who it seems is responsible for the lack of guards in the building. Following him to Cid, Balthier demands that his father hands over the Dusk Shard. Cid, instead, challenges the party to a battle, using the nethicite in his possession, as well as his Occurian ally, Venat. After the group as defeated Cid, he lures them out to the Ancient City of Giruvegan; before they head there, though, they spend some time at Balfonheim with their new ally, Reddas. Even though Reddas is his friend, Balthier is suspicious about his friend’s intentions with nethicite, saying that he knows Reddas’ true identity, his past within the Empire, and how he was involved in the destruction of Nabudis.

Once the group realized there was nothing of worth in Giruvegan, Reddas came with them to the Ridorana Cataract. It’s then that Balthier tells Vaan to take the Strahl if anything should happen to him inside of the tower. When they climb to the top of the Pharos to reach the Sun Cryst, Ashe attempts to destroy the Cryst, only to be stopped by Doctor Cid. Balthier confronts his father about what he plans to do with the nethicite, and the two end up fighting again; this last battle ends with Balthier fatally wounding his father, and watching him die. Even at the end, Cid believes that what he did was for the best, and Balthier is disappointed in his father once more. Even though Cid is dead, however, his plan still worked, and the Sun Cryst woke the Sky Fortress Bahamut, and the Mist that comes from it seems impossible to stop. Fran is overwhelmed by the Mist, and she falls to the ground, insisting that they go on without her. As a Viera, Fran is especially sensitive to the Mist, feeling it as some kind of separate entity, and even going crazy at one point because of it. When she falls, though, Balthier vows to never leave her behind, picking her up and carrying her so she doesn’t have to walk. Seeing the party struggle to defeat the Cryst, Reddas sacrifices his life to destroy the stone, and the group goes to confront Vayne Solidor aboard the Bahamut.

At the same time, a war is breaking out on Dalmascan ground. Balthier takes the wheel, piloting the group on board the Bahamut, where they go to confront Vayne. After the group has defeated him, Balthier and Fran stay behind, trying to fix the engines and make sure the ship does not fall on Rabanastre. Balthier eventually manages to fix the Bahamut’s glossair rings just in time to save Rabanastre, but both he and Fran are stuck inside the ship as it crash lands just outside the city. Balthier and Fran are believed to have died in the crash, saving thousands of people in the process. Everyone assumes that they died as heroes, but it’s only a year later that Balthier, along with Fran, took back the Strahl from Vaan and Penelo, who had been entrusted with it after Balthier’s supposed death. Leaving behind a note, and Ashe’s ring, to let them know he had found the treasure he was looking for, the note explained that Balthier was going for the Cache of Glabados at Bervenia Palace, and invited Vaan and Penelo to join him and Fran in on the pay off.

Personality: In the world of Ivalice, the leading man is, without a doubt, Balthier. Yes, the game has many complex and interesting characters, but as Balthier reminds people time and time again, he is the leading man, despite the many other characters that are in the group he is traveling with. The biggest reason that he can get away with saying that time and time again, is the fact that Balthier is so charming. If you look up charming in the dictionary, there’s a picture of his face right next to it; or so he might claim. Even though he’s only 22 years old, he can come across as even older to many people, especially because he’s very good at hoodwinking people into believing anything he says. That is not to say that he is a liar, however; yes, at times he fibs and expands the truth when it’s needed to create a good story, but one of the things Balthier does not do during the course of the adventure is out right tells a lie. Instead, he just only shows people what he wants them to see, and nothing more.

This is where his self-confidence comes into play. The one thing Balthier has is self-confidence, and it makes him much more charming because of that. He can be considered a little vain; he’s most certainly fastidious about his appearance. He’s seen throughout the game making sure that the cuffs of his sleeves, if not the whole shirt, is clean, and giving himself different baubles to wear, like the ones around his neck, wrist, and fingers. He likes to look good, and he knows that he looks good, choosing clothes that accentuate his features rather than hide them, which is something he doesn’t do well. As a wanted sky pirate, and a famous father that he ran away from, Balthier should be more careful about who he talks to, and who he shows his face to. But if there is one thing that he can’t do, it’s hide who he is and how he acts; the world of Ivalice is about to get into a war between two kingdoms, and there are many bounty hunters after Balthier, but it’s his life, and he’s going to live it the way he wants, and enjoy it.

Which is actually where his motivation comes from. Like any other sky pirate out there, Balthier does like money and expensive things, and he’ll never say no to gaining more of either. But what he really wants, and will do absolutely anything to get, is freedom. All he wants is to be free. As previously said, it’s a challenge in a world on the brink of war, and three bounty hunters for every one bounty. But as long as there are clear skies and a steady fuel source for his airship, Balthier is happy. All he wants to do is forget about the past and move on with his life without anyone telling him what to do. He mentions this several times; in fact, when the group learns that he used to be a Judge, one of the lawmakers of the world, they are surprised. There’s obviously more about him than meets the eye, and yet he is also surprisingly upfront about who he is and what he does. He’s out there to have an adventure, and he’s going to have it one way or another, as long as it hasn’t already been planned out for him in advance.

Used to taking the lead in all things, Balthier does have a streak of laziness that comes out at times. When the others are out and about, trying to figure out their next plan, he is content to stay by the fire and take a nap. Despite always saying he’s the “leading man”, he is fine with others making the important decisions when it doesn’t directly affect him. That’s a big issue to understand; Balthier won’t do anything someone forces onto him. But if he can see a way for him to contribute, while also getting what he wants out of the situation? He’ll do it. He’s a very smart man, and it shows; when he jokes, it’s with a sarcastic edge that speaks volumes of how he feels, and what he understands about the world. He’s young in age and young at heart, which can cause some people to get annoyed with him very easily. The easy going attitude, and sarcastic edge, is a powerful tool in getting someone to hate you. He can appear rude to someone; he’s cocky, and he has a sense of humor that’s very dry, so his tone is always just a little condescending. Balthier can read people; in being able to read them, he knows their sore spots, and he’s never pulled back from hitting them where it hurts with his words. His self-confidence can come across as him having a large ego, but once you’ve been around him for some time, you’ll find that he is friendly and can give a good pep talk when needed.

Plus, Balthier is good with the ladies. He is very suave, and he can be the perfect gentleman at times, depending on if he wants to be one or not. When he wants to be one, he does whatever he can to get what he wants; whether it’s a ring from a pretty girl, or getting a Viera, the most gorgeous creature ever known to all of Ivalice, to join him as a sky pirate? He gets it done. Balthier is a sky pirate, and he lives by the code of a pirate; he’s not a thug, or some brute that hurts people for their riches. He’s always polite, even when he’s tearing someone apart with his words, and while he can hurt people, he is a social creature. He dislikes being alone, and while he doesn’t really trust anyone too much, he can form a bond once someone has proven themselves to be trustworthy. He’s not really what one would call a “caring” person, but the word does describe something about him. He’s not going to go out of his way to help out a random stranger, but he’s not going to deliberately harm someone, either. He’s demanding, and selfish, and he acknowledges all of those traits.

In the end, Balthier is a suave, sarcastic James Bond of Ivalice. The only thing he’s missing is the tuxedo, and even then his clothes are much better, in his personal opinion.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: Balthier, as a sky pirate, knows the most about mechanics and how they work. He’s a pilot, and even if he has not used the control system of a ship before, he’s able to quickly pick it up, just by familiarizing himself with the equipment. He can fly any kind of airship, as well as fix one. He’s able to stay calm during a tense situation, and when something unexpected happens, as well as having quick reflexes and a love for life. Balthier is also an ex-Judge, which is one of the lawmakers of the land in the world of Ivalice. So, he has experience on both sides of the law, which makes it easier for him to stay out of prisons. He’s traveled all over, and easily absorbs different cultures and languages. He’s also good at finding people; he might not be a bounty hunter, but he would make a very good one if he was. His father, Doctor Cid, taught him all about science, and while Balthier is not a scientist, he does know the basics of elements, and things such as how nethicite works.

When Balthier joins the group, he comes equipped with a gun. Since he is a sky pirate, it’s safe to assume that he knows how to use all different kinds of weapons, but that guns are his preference. This makes him better at being a long range specialist, rather than a close range one. Balthier’s other weapon is his sharp wit and even sharper words. He’s good at finding the weak spots in a person and then digging in. When it comes to supernatural abilities, Balthier is able to learn Magicks and Quickenings. To do that, he needs to go through the License Board system, so it’s not something natural that comes to him. The best way for him to learn is through Junctioning, where he equips the spells that he learns from the Board. Since he is only a Hume (Human), he doesn’t know any spells by default, and so he won’t be coming into the game with any magic.

Inventory: A bunch of rings, earrings, and bracelets, including Ashe’s ring. He also has a gun on him with an ornately carved handle. There are also two pouches that usually hang off his belts, and in one pouch are the papers from his father’s laboratory, along with a small, leather-bound journal. In the second pouch, there are bullets, and a few silver and gold coins, as well as a pair of glasses.

Appearance: Picture of Balthier!
Balthier is six feet tall, and has short brown hair with blond highlights; the sideburns are styled into sharp points on either side of his face. He has a set of earrings in both ears, and he is always wearing brightly colored rings and bracelets on his left hand. His clothes are very stylish and form fitting; he wears an embroidered golden and olive green vest over a high collared white shirt, and black leather pants with leather shin pads and steel, open back sandals. There are two crossed, gold buckled belts with two pouches attached on either side of his hips.

Age: 22 years old

AU Clarification: N/A